City of White Oak

Property Tax

Tax Rates
The property tax rate in White Oak is $0.55946 on each $100 of assessed valuation of all taxable property, real, personal, or mixed, located in the City of White Oak on the first day of January, and not exempted from taxation by the constitution and laws of the State of Texas. There is an optional 20% homestead exemption, a $20,000 over-65 exemption, and a $20,000 disabled exemption. The general fund is debt free; therefore, all of the property tax funds collected is used for maintenance and operations of the general fund.
Value Assessment
Property values are established by the Gregg County Appraisal District (GCAD). Please visit the GCAD website for more information. The City of White Oak assesses the Town’s ad valorem (property) tax under the rules set by the Texas State Property Board. It is the function of the Gregg County Appraisal District to appraise all Gregg County property at market value. These values are then given to the respective taxing units for tax assessing.
Taxes Due
The City of White Oak annually sets the tax rate based on the city’s budgetary requirements and the taxable values established by the appraisal district. Property taxes are due October of each year and considered late February 1 of the following year.
The Gregg County Tax Office bills and collects the property taxes assessed by the City in conjunction with school property taxes. For information regarding payment options, please visit the Gregg County Tax Assessor website.

Notice About 2023 Tax Rates

City of White Oak, Texas

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